CHIC – Cooperative Holistic View on Internet and Content


The CHIC – Cooperative Holistic View on Internet and content project was submitted, evaluated and approved for financing under the call “Mobilizers programs “ supported by  Portugal 2020 funds. With a total approved budget of nearly 10 M€, CHIC was submitted by a consortium of 24 entities headed by MOG Technologies, S.A. The consortium incorporates different entities, from SME to medium/large companies passing throw institutions from the   Portuguese Scientific and Technological System

The CHIC – project, aims to develop, test and demonstrate a wide range of new processes, products and services that have a significant impact on the audiovisual and multimedia sectors. These products by their nature will have a clear mobilizing effect on other important sectors of culture such as the cultural heritage, archives, books and publications or the performing arts.

DigiMedia team will be involved with major responsibilities in the pilot dealing with NLI – Natural Language Interaction for online navigation and cable distribution systems. DigiMedia team main responsabilities will be on the technological mapping of NLI tecnologies, training and modelling, development and implementation of the technical solution, trial run and optimization in heterogeneous conditions, pilot deployment, pilot evaluation and dissemination actions.


October 2017 – October 2020


Project Grant: Public National – Portugal 2020 – Programas Mobilizadores – 10/SI/2016

Funding Value:  9.921.622.20 € (Global Funding); 367.400 € (DigiMedia)




Alexandre Ulisses (Team MOG – Project coordinator);

Jorge Ferraz (Team UA – Partner Main Researcher)

Pedro Almeida (Team UA – Researcher)

Telmo Silva (Team UA – Researcher)

Pedro Beça (Team UA – Researcher)


Companies that produce technology: MOG technologies S.A, Enigma Virtual (Gema), Cluster Media Labs, YouON, VMuse, Altice Labs, SISTRADE

Entities SCTN:  INESC TEC, Universidade do Porto FEUP, FBAUP, FLUP, Instituto Politécnico do Porto (ISEP), Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Universidade Aberta, Centro de Computação Gráfica, Cinemateca Portuguesa, Universidade de Aveiro e Universidade Católica

Advanced users : Global Notícias, Publicações S.A. (Jornal de Notícias), Altice Labs, Avenida dos Aliados – Sociedade de Comunicação S.A. (Porto Canal), Tipografia Tadinense, Ideias e Conteudos, OSTV (Canal 180), Cinemateca Portuguesa, GMK


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