DigiMedia – Digital Media and Interaction Research Center was widely represented in Techdays 2017 – the largest National Technology Forum that took place on the 12th – 14th of October in Aveiro’s Exposition Center.

Throughout several exposition stands, visitors were able to see and interact with different R&D projects.

On the University of Aveiro stand, DigiMedia Research Center headed the strategic scientific domain of TICE with eight of its R&D projects. Digital platforms, mobile applications and physical computing prototypes were available to the public to interact.

The DigiMedia Research Center also was presente on the TICE.PT stand, with the CHIC project – Cooperative Holistic view on the internet and Content. A project supported by Portugal 2020 funds, with budget of nearly 10 M€. The DigiMedia Research Center is one of the 24 entities of the project consortium headed by MOG Technologies, S.A.

In the Altice stand, DigiMedia Research Center was represented by ULTRA TV and +TV4elderly projects.

On the ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação stand, was presented the “Happy: Health Awaerness and Prevention Personalized” project. This project is being developed by Nuno Ribeiro, student in Multimedia and Education PhD, and has been widely recognized and was one of tree finalist of the Born of Knowledge Contest (http://www.bornfromknowledge.pt/).

With the R&D projects presented in Techdays 2017, is clear the impact of the DigiMedia Research Center scientific research to and for society.

Techdays 2017 was a fantastic opportunity for our researchers to communicate science to a broader audience, allowing practical sessions for design validation as well as opportunities for networking for future collaborations.