Ultra TV layout


6-9 November  2017


As a result of the participation of the University of Aveiro in the UltraTV project (led by Altice Labs), a new Interactive Television concept will be demonstrated at the Web Summit at the Altice stand, which stands out the possibility to offer a unification of contents from various sources. Over a single and disruptive User Interface, developed by the research group on Social iTV of the DigiMedia Research Unit, it is possible to access both television contents and content from other players (Youtube, Facebook videos and even Netflix) over the Tv screen.

This new concept of television ecosystem allows users to see the contents of several players, materializing in a FlowTV approach. Users do not need to frisk from application to application, or be confronted with different user interfaces.

The concept was prototyped by Altice Labs, in articulation with the team from the University of Aveiro, over the Luna framework from Craftwork. In addition to the unification of contents and sources, we highlight the recommendations based on user profiles, the look and feel of the User Inteface and the User Experience that it provides.

The research results of the consortium, of which is also part IT, represents a significant contribution to the future of television.

* The UltraTV project (ref. 17738) is co-financed by COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

Lisbon – Altice Arena (formerly Known as MEO arena) and FIL