The DigiMedia’s Social iTV research group was represented at the ACM TVX 2018, which took place from 26 to 28 June in Seoul, South Korea. This international event gathers the academia and the industry for the dissemination of studies and products in the field of online video, interactive television and User Experience (UX). This year’s edition summed more than 140 participants from about 30 countries. The Social iTV team presented two articles and a demo of the UltraTV project, together with Altice Labs: 1) “Viewers’ behaviors at home on TV and other screens: an online survey”; 2) “Content Unification in iTV to Enhance User Experience: The UltraTV Project”; 3) “UltraTV: an iTV content unification prototype”. With the supervision of a member of our team, the PhD student Carolina Almeida from the Doctoral Program Multimedia in Education was also present with the article “Educational Online Video: opportunities and barriers to integrate it in the entertainment consumption routines”.