Funding: Fundo Florestal Permanente

DigiMedia team: Telmo Silva

Coordinator: University of Aveiro (CESAM+DigiMedia)

Global funding: 240,000.00€

UA funding: 240,000.00€


Animals commonly designated as wanderers include animals born without keepers, but also animals that have keepers, but who in turn are also keepers of their home at the end of a part of care in areas of public domain and/or in private entities other than their respective owners. The occurrence of these dogs and cats raises important questions, not only regarding their own well-being, but also the public health and safety of people and other animals and the impact on the actual effects of wildlife (some of the endangered species).
There are several works carried out on this subject in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil or China, but in Portugal there is a huge deficit of information that makes it possible to evaluate and manage the impacts of this problem.
This project aims to determine the possible effects of these animals, their dynamics and population impacts. At the same time, the project aims to understand society’s perceptions and attitudes towards this problem and its management.