Filipe T. Moreira, DigiMedia researcher, will be part of the panel on “Computational Thinking in Education: what sense does it make and what skills does it promote?” at the 3rd edition of the ‘Mathematics with Life’ meetings, to be held on 24th September and 1st October.

This panel aims to contribute to the debate on this topic, clarifying what it makes sense to talk about Computational Thinking in mathematics, its transferability to other disciplines, as well as the skills it promotes in the development of more autonomous and digitally critical citizens.

The other members of the panel are: Carlos Albuquerque – Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon; João Vítor Torres – CCTIC/CIEF, ESE of IP Setúbal; and José Miguel Sousa – Secretaria Regional de Educação da Madeira. It will also be moderated by Margarida M. Pinheiro – CIDTFF, ISCA-UA, University of Aveiro.

This Meeting is part of the ‘Labs Convida’ section of the larger initiative ‘Labs Com Vida’, taking advantage of the synergies of lem@tic – Mathematics Education Laboratory – and LabDCT – Science and Technology Didactics Laboratory, functional structures of the Research Center for Didactics and Technology in Training of Trainers of the University of Aveiro (CIDTFF).

For more information about the event: Informações – Matemática Com Vida – Diferentes olhares sobre o Pensamento Computacional (