Bernardo Marques, DigiMedia member, wins the Professor José Luís Encarnação Award 2022. The proposal of a conceptual model and a taxonomy for collaborative augmented reality scenarios, developed by Bernardo Marques during the Doctoral Program in Computer Engineering (PDEI) at the University of Aveiro (UAveiro), has won the Professor José Luís Encarnação Award.

Based on the experience accumulated with industrial partners, a characterization focusing on the essential aspects of collaborative scenarios supported by augmented reality technologies has been proposed.

Bernardo Marques, Samuel Silva, João Alves, Tiago Araújo, Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa Santos. “A Conceptual Model and Taxonomy for Collaborative Augmented Reality.” IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2021) (

This multidisciplinary work results from the collective effort of the various team members over the last few years, and was recently included in the UAveiro journal, Research@ua 2021, vol.12, p. 56, with the title: “Paving the road towards Collaborative Augmented Reality” (

The award includes a presentation of the work, which will take place during the conference: “ICGI 2022 – International Conference in Graphics and Interaction“, held at UAveiro between November 3rd and 4th –

The Professor José Luís Encarnação Award was established in 2010 in honor of the professor of the same name, a pioneer of Computer Graphics and a great impeller of the area in Portugal. The award is given by the Portuguese Computer Graphics Group (GPCG) and is intended for students of Portuguese nationality from any cycle of higher education who demonstrate excellent research in the area of computer graphics and applications.