30th December, 2022: Deadline for submission of proposals

May 2023: Publication forecast

DigiMedia member, Filipe T. Moreira, is one of the guest editors of the Sensos-e Journal special edition. This edition aims to promote the dissemination of work related to Computational Thinking in Education in the following areas: the importance of this area in Compulsory Education; the professional development of educators and teachers, as well as their attitudes and receptiveness to this subject; the resources development and presentation for the implementation of activities; the evaluation of these inclusions and of students’ development; the development of the relationship between Computational Thinking and STEM/STEAM Education; Reflection on what knowledge in this area should be covered in Basic Education; the suitability of knowledge inherent to Computational Thinking for different levels of education; the presentation of reports of practical experiences that translate into examples of articulation of this area with different sciences, at different levels of education, in formal or non-formal educational environments. Being a recent theme, it is also important to understand the challenges that education professionals and educational institutions will face.

The inclusion of Computational Thinking in the curricula of several countries, including Portugal, is due to the growing awareness of the importance of knowledge related to Computer Science for the development of digital skills of citizens, in favour of the transformation of society and the global economy. Thus, with this special edition of Sensos-e, Journal of the Centre for Research in Education (inED) of the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, authors are invited to submit original research proposals, which may include empirical research, theoretical studies, methodological studies, and research reports, under the theme “Computational Thinking in Education”.

Sensos-e publishes papers in Portuguese, Galician, Spanish, French and English. Each paper is subject to a blind peer review process, under the responsibility of the Editorial Board.

Platform for papers submission: https://parc.ipp.pt/index.php/sensos/about/submissions

Proposals must be identified, in their title, with an indication of the theme as follows: “[PCE] Title”.

For further information, contact the journal’s editor, Manuela Pessanha (sensos-e@ese.ipp.pt).