The article Filming Concepts, Thinking Images: On Wonder, Montage and Disruption in an Image-Saturated World by Vania Baldi (DigiMedia member) and Nélio Conceição was published in Eidos – A Journal for Philosophy of Culture.


This article explores the relation between cinema and philosophy through the lens of interest shown by some filmmakers in the lives and works of philosophers. It begins by delving into contemporary perspectives on the relationship between philosophy and cinema. In order to assess how the constitutive dissimilarity of the two terms and the ways in which they can be brought together are at the origin of speculative short circuits and experiences of wonder, it brings together the works of thinkers – Cavell, Benjamin, and Kracauer; and filmmakers Rossellini, Montaldo, Keaton, and Jarman. Reflecting on the aesthetic and cultural impact of cinema is all the more important given the current omnipresence of images and prosthetic technologies that, with their incessant solicitations, threaten the processes of apprehension, learning, and conveying of knowledge. Thinking and perceiving differently thus becomes an essential function of cinema, one keenly performed in Safaa Fathy’s Derrida’s Elsewhere, analyzed in the last two sections. View Full-Text
Keywords: film, philosophy, wonder, speculative short circuit, montage, disruption


Baldi, Vania, and Nélio Conceição. “Filming Concepts, Thinking Images: On Wonder, Montage and Disruption in an Image-Saturated World.” Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture 6, no. 2 (2022):  70-85.