Diogo Carvalho, Sofia Ribeiro and Lorena Sousa (DigiMedia PhD Students) are preparing training sessions within Ser + – By Students for Students Program.

23 de novembro
Formação: Uma introdução ao Design-Based Research

Dinamizador: Lorena de Sousa (Programa Doutoral em Multimédia em Educação)

Início: 14h00
Duração: 2 horas

Vagas: 20

Formato: Presencial


29 de novembro
Formação: UI vs UX: Uma dúvida persistente

Dinamizador: Diogo Carvalho e Sofia Ribeiro (Programa Doutoral em Informação e Comunicação em Plataformas Digitais)

Início: 16h30
Duração: 3 horas
Vagas: 20

Formato: Presencial

By Students for Students Program


• The integral development of students;

• Combining formal aspects (courses/curricular units) with non-formal and informal aspects;

• Focusing not just on developing soft skills (social activities);

• Responding to needs reported by students (in diverse areas).

This program is based on a vision of training that:

• It can cover a wide variety of topics as long as it is in accordance with the needs reported by the students (not just focusing on soft skills);

• It is designed around it being by students for students (the training is operationalized between peers, according to the supply needs that the students themselves identify);

• It will aim for continuous assessment, monitoring the assessment of participation in the program/ getting feedback from both trainers and participants.