Pedro Beça (DigiMedia member) and Sofia Ribeiro (DigiMedia PhD Student) are authors of the book “Aveiro, cidade sustentável: EduCITY”, a product of the funded research project “EduCITY” from the University of Aveiro. Pedro Beça, Óscar Mealha and Rui Raposo (DigiMedia members) are part of the research team of the project.

Lúcia Pombo, João Ferreira-Santos, Julia Draghi, Lísia Lopes, Margarida M. Marques, Myriam Lopes, Patrícia Sá, Pedro Beça, Rita Rodrigues, Rita Tavares, Rosa Pinho, Sofia Ribeiro, Sónia Rodrigues e Vânia Carlos are the authors of the book “Aveiro, cidade sustentável: EduCITY”.

The book is a tour of the city of Aveiro and its efforts towards sustainability. It comprises four chapters: A caminho da sustentabilidade; Aveiro: Património Cultural; Aveiro: Património Natural; e Aveiro: exemplos de boas práticas de sustentabilidade. It intends to be of interest to a wide audience, not just to academics and, above all, it intends to be useful to ordinary citizens who, by getting to know their city’s heritage better, will be able to adopt more sustainable attitudes, in a Citizen Science logic.

This is the first major product of the EduCITY project and constitutes the starting point for the development of the EduCITY app, for Android and iOS, as well as the respective web platform for creating games; the creation of appealing educational games that integrate the app, through participatory dynamics with citizens without programming knowledge; the dynamization of activities for exploring games from the EduCITY app along strategic routes in the city, with a view to developing key sustainability skills and environmental awareness in the community.

It is a heavily illustrated work, which aims to boost the co-construction of games and the exploration of the EduCITY app. The city becomes a living experimentation laboratory, where citizens become active scientists and agents of sustainable change, in this and other cities.