Call for papers
InfoDesign – special issue

Information design and technology

Publication schedule
Deadline for submission: 28th February 2023
Expected date of publication: December 2023

For some time there has been a growing interest in investigating the use of
technology in various activities and areas of information design, both in
physical and digital environments. As technology becomes more
interconnected and indispensable in our everyday lives, this has become an
important and urgent area of research. With this special issue, we aim to
bring together contributions that focus primarily on the relationship
between information design and technology, and report on emerging issues
within this topic.

Related topics include, but are not limited to:
Information Design in the Digital Age
-Digital education and information design
-Emerging technologies in information design
-Information design in virtual and augmented reality and artificial
-Histories of technology applied to information design
-New trends and themes in information design and technology
-Information and mobility design
-The use of technology for inclusive information design
-Digital data visualisation and data decisions
-Information in animation and digital game design
-Information design and user experience
-Digital information design for healthcare

Submission instructions
Authors are invited to submit full papers following InfoDesign guidelines, available HERE. For this special issue, we will accept manuscripts written in English only. Relevant reviews and interviews related to the topic of this special issue are also welcome.

All manuscripts must be submitted via InfoDesign submission system.

Guest editors
Letícia Pedruzzi Fonseca (UFES) and Virginia Tiradentes Souto (UnB)

The editors of this special issue will be happy to discuss manuscript
proposals prior to submission. They can be contacted via email <> <>