Nelson Zagalo, DigiMedia Coordinator, leads the coordinating committee of UA Editora. According to Despacho n.º 63 – REIT /2022, this committee also includes: Augusto Costa Tomé, Isabel Cristina Saraiva de Assunção Rodrigues Salak and Cristina Maria Cerqueira Borges.

The University of Aveiro has been developing editorial activity since 1996, promoting the publication of its own publications, in accordance with the general lines of scientific, pedagogical and cultural policy, defined by the University’s governing bodies. The University’s editorial activity is duly individualized through the designation UA Editora.

In the coming years, it is necessary to intensify and modernize editorial activity, create a duly adapted communication model, develop a new website to present the catalog and attract new manuscripts or ideas, increase activity on social networks and involve master and doctoral students from areas related to Editorial Editing, Design and Communication Technologies, establishing a strategy for brand recognition at national and international level.