The (in)formal book launch of The Impact Plan: rethinking today, remaking tomorrow, designing a better world, by Catarina Lelis, is taking place on Wednesday, January 25th at 3:30 pm, at SALT (Space for Active Learning and Teaching), located on the lower floor of “Mediateca”, at the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Aveiro.


The book proposes and elaborates on a method that aims at supporting a conscious reflection that should precede commitment to projects or challenges, whether these are academic (PBL, CBL, etc), entrepreneurial, professional or personal.

Under the great influence of Design Thinking practice, The Impact Plan helps individuals (and teams) go through potential contexts and influences in order to determine the impact that one or more challenges may have on their own experience as participants (in the short term), in their careers (in the medium term) and in humanity and/or the planet (in the long run).

Broken down into four main sections that follow The Hero’s Journey, the book begins by addressing the first contact that individuals have with challenges and opportunities, going through the most common adversities, presenting the support tools and their connection to the UN SDGs, to culminate in a reflection on what is expected from (and for) all of us in the future.

Going through the fundamentals of decision-making and speculative design, this text offers the reader a playful and relaxed structure to plan and prioritise projects based on foreseeing their impact.