The University of Aveiro (UA), through the Department of Communication and Art (DeCA) and the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI), is organizing a local Global Game Jam® (GGJ) event from the 3rd to the 5th of February 2023.

The Global Game Jam® is the world’s largest game creation event, taking place simultaneously in multiple physical locations around the world in 113 countries.

For the sixth time at the University of Aveiro, more than a hundred creative and innovative university students are expected to meet, who during the 48 hours of the event will develop team games.

Before the presentation of the theme, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a “crash course” of Blender 3D, and learn more about “how to survive a Game Jam”.

Registration for participation in the event is open until February 2nd and can be done using the form.