Between 20 and 24 February 2023 DigiMedia researchers Rita Santos and Mónica Aresta participated in the organization and dynamization of the training course “Digital Skills for better employment” in Thessaloniki, Greece. 


The event was hosted by the University of Macedonia. Along 5 days, 22 university students and young people newcomers to the labour market from the project’s partner countries (Portugal, Greece, Spain) learned more about various Digital Skills especially relevant to the labour market such as: self-awareness, finding and assessing information online, online communication and etiquette and creating digital content, protecting health and well-being and online safety and data protection. 

The training course was organized in the scope of the project “Back2Basics – bridging the gap between Higher Education and labor market by fostering digital skills” (Erasmus+). This project, coordinated by the University of Aveiro and with partners from Portugal, Spain and Greece, aims to bring the higher education system closer to the labour market needs, by improving the digital skills of Higher Education students.