DigiMedia in collaboration with the Inovação Pedagógica group of the University of Aveiro, organized the dialogue series on the topic “Inteligência Artificial no Ensino Superior: Utopia ou Distopia?”, that will include several sessions, with different goals, speakers, formats.

The opening session took place on the 8th of March, at the CCCI Auditorium, and included a keynote talk by the Rector of the University of Aveiro, Doctor Paulo Jorge Ferreira (apresentação) entitled “Novas ferramentas de Inteligência artificial generativas: Riscos e oportunidades” and a round table entitled “IA: Inovação ou Banalização” that included four invited professors from the University of Aveiro coming from different scientific areas – Doctor Pétia Georgieva (DETI – apresentação), Doctor Vânia Carlos (DEP – apresentação), Doctor Nelson Zagalo (DeCA/DigiMedia – apresentação), Doctor Eugénio Rocha (DMat – apresentação). The session was moderated by Doctor Rui Raposo (DeCA/DigiMedia).

The video of the session is already available HERE



Next sessions that will take place:

Workshop 1: IA nos Média Criativos, 24th March

Workshop 2: IA nas Tecnologias de Programação, 21st April

Workshop 3: IA nas Estratégias de Ensino e Aprendizagem, 5th May

Workshop 4: IA e a Ética Digital, 19th May

Closing session: 31st May