The objective of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of e-Health tools in supporting clinical decision and empowering patients in the management of clinical situations of the upper respiratory tract. A cluster-randomized controlled study was carried out on all general and family medicine physicians and all community pharmacists in the region covered by the Centro Regional Health Administration. To avoid cross-contamination between the control group and the intervention group, the allocation to the two groups was made on the basis of clusters. The Central Region was divided into 8 clusters according to previous studies carried out. Four clusters were allocated to the intervention group and 4 to the control group, the 8 clusters include approximately 1100 physicians and 1200 pharmacists.

eHealthResp is part of Newsletter 392 from COMPETE 2020 with voice of the Principal Investigator of the project, Maria Teresa Herdeiro. Ana Margarida Almeida (DigiMedia member) is part of the team of this project.

The article in the Newsletter is available HERE


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