Filipe T. Moreira, DigiMedia’s researcher, was invited to give open classes about Portuguese Animated Cinema at the Université Côte d’Azur (France).

The classes had as main objectives:

  • To make known the History of Animation Cinema in Portugal;
  • To promote the Portuguese animation films (and authors) to the French public;
  • And to promote different film festivals that take place in Portugal.

Last January, Portuguese Animated Film celebrated its 100th anniversary. As a curiosity, the first Portuguese animated film was “O Pesadelo de António Maria”, a short film of little more than two minutes that caricatured António Maria da Silva, minister of the First Republic, directed by Joaquim Guerreiro. This short film was lost in time. However, already in the 21st century it has been possible to recreate the film with the discovery of 150 original drawings.