An advisory board panel of 6 external consultants came to the University of Aveiro, last Friday, 20th October, for a one-day visit to DigiMedia.

The advisory board visited the laboratories, talked to the researchers and PHD students and discussed different themes with the Executive Commission of DigiMedia.


This was a fruitful meeting that will bring new goals and horizons to the work developed at Digimedia.



The advisory board is made up of 6 members:

André Lemos – Federal university of Bahia, Brasil

Angel Crespo – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Monica Divitini – Aalborg University, Denmark

Nuno Otero – Linnaeus University, Sweden

Joseph Paradiso – MIT Media Lab – USA

Alok Nandi – Institut Lyfe – Paul Bocuse, lyon, France.


Find out more here: Organization – DigiMedia (