Pâmela Pinto, a Post-Doctoral researcher at DigiMedia, will present her book Boas práticas de saúde pública no Instagram: Estudo comparado entre Portugal e Brasil,  on 13th December 2023, at 3pm. The session will take place online, in a Circle format. 

This new book is part of the DigiMedia Collection, which focus on the publication of works in the scientific area of Digital Media. Its goal is to contribute to the deepening of the different theoretical and methodological challenges of this area of knowledge.

Program of the session:

15h00 Video presentation by Lídia Oliveira, responsible for the DigiMedia Collection

15h05 Presentation of the author by Maria João Antunes

15h10 – Presentation of the book by the author, Pâmela Pinto

15h35 – Questions from the audicence to the author




Abstract of the book:

The main message of the book is to value the citizen as the center of the communication produced on health, anchored in the public interest and in the quest to broaden social participation. The guide has put together four axes of suggestions for producing content: on the approach – based on scientific knowledge and accessibility; on the use of images, with an emphasis on infographics; on the clarity of texts and on the importance of interaction with citizens and influencers. Strategies for planning and monitoring profiles are also presented. The research provided a critical reflection on health consumption on Instagram, a private platform based on commercial interests.

About the author:


Pâmela Pinto is currently conducting a Post-Doctoral research at the Department of Communication and Art (University of Aveiro), and her research interests are related to ‘communication and public health’, ‘institutional communication and social media’ , with emphasis on Instagram.