DigiMedia members led 11 proposals submitted to the 2017 FCT call for research projects on all scientific domains. After the completion of the evaluation, we are now glad to announce that three out of those 11 proposals (27%) were selected for funding. Other 5 proposals received a positive evaluation and were considered eligible for funding.

The projects approved, addressing topics that are in the frontline of DigiMedia’s research priorities, are:

  • SEDUCE 2.0 – Use of Communication and Information in the miOne online community by the senior citizen (PI: Prof. Ana Isabel Veloso);
  • LOCUS – PlayfuL Connected Rural Territories – The Internet of Things in the intergenerational creative production of cultural georeferenced contents (PI: Prof. Lídia Oliveira);
  • Gamers4Nature – Game creation tools to promote awareness of environmental and biodiversity preservation (PI: Prof. Pedro Beça).

The proposal FlavourGame – Participate and Change, Playing with Textures and Flavours, leaded by Nelzon Zagalo, researcher that recently joined DigiMedia, was also selected for funding. Initially submitted under the scope of another research unit, the project will be integrated and executed under DigiMedia’s scope of activities.

These four new projects represent a total funding of over 1 M€ spanning for 3 years. A total of 14 new research grants (including 4 PhD positions) will be open, fostering new opportunities for PhD students and other researchers.