A 48-hour non-stop event to address the design and development of digital games will be held at the Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro. The Global Game Jam initiative occurs simultaneously in 108 countries and students, players, industry practitioners and hobbyists from all over the world will be challenged to push their creative boundaries and code. Registering is open until January 15th, 2019.

Beyond the GameJam, five game-related workshops will also take place in DeCA : 1. Game Programming in Unity3D [Programação de Jogos em Unity 3D] (lectured by Mário Vairinhos); 2. Introduction to Pygame [Introdução ao PyGame] (lectured by Diogo Gomes); 3. ‘I want to learn Unity’ : Introduction to Unity3D in practice [‘Quero aprender Unity’: Introdução ao Unity 3D na prática] (lectured by Tânia Ribeiro); 4. Character animation: from paper to screen [Animação de personagens: do papel ao ecrã] (lectured by Gonçalo Gomes); and 5. Developing ‘Visual Novels’ using Unity3D [Desenvolvimento de ‘Visual Novels’ em Unity3D] (lectured by Liliana Vale Costa).

To join this Global Game Jame, register in the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/rz4yizVCRmS40i8t2

Further information can be obtained by sending an email to : ggjua2019@gmail.com