The 2nd CeNTER Seminar, with the theme “Territory and Innovation: Discourses and Practices”, will be held on April 3rd at 9:30 AM in the Academic Acts Room of the University of Aveiro. The event aims to promote debates about how the various areas involved in the project.

Three panels will be illustrated:

  • Intelligent Territories (9h45);
  • Tourism in low density areas: opportunities and challenges (11h30);
  • Network communities: the role of digital in mediation? (14h).

The launch will be in charge of the keynote speaker Álvaro Domingues (University of Porto), at 15.15. The complete program can be known through the event’s website [1].

The participation in the event is open to all interested parties. However, it is necessary to be previously register on the CeNTER website [2].

DigiMedia researchers integrate one of the work packages of the CeNTER Program.