The DigiMedia centre in partnership with the unit are organizing a talk about mixed realities. 

The 360º Mixed Realities Audiovisual Initiative will be held on September 27th at 2:30 PM in the Auditorium of the Department of Communication and Art. The first part is free and open to the UA community and will include a talk about 360º video production for imersive 3D spaces by Tiffany Marques, 360º sound recording by Isaac Raimundo  and  Modulating emotions in acting by Isabela SoutoNext, there will be a technical hands on workshop (by invitation only) that will overview 360º video and sound production, ending with a practical session on body language in the expression of emotions.

This initiative is organized by Mário Vairinhos and Pedro Almeida (DigiMedia researchers) in partnership with Helena Marinho and Nery Borges ( researchers).