The Erasmus+ HiLives project (Including and Connecting in Higher Education: networking opportunities for independent lives) aims to share knowledge and good practices in (i) including students with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (DID) in Higher Education Institutions and (ii) their transition for an active and independent life, exploring the role digital media can play in this process.

The University of Aveiro coordinates a consortium of eight partners: four Higher Education institutions – University of Aveiro, Portugal; University of Ghent, Belgium; University of Salamanca, Spain; and University of Iceland, Iceland – and four institutions and associations that work directly with young adults with DID and their families – ASSOL, Pais-em-Rede, FORMEM and AvisPT21.

Ana Margarida Almeida (Deca/DigiMedia) and Virgínia Chalegre (PhD student, Deca/DigiMedia) are part of the project’s team. The UA team includes members from the Research Centre on Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers (CIDTFF/DEP), the Digital Media and Interaction Research Centre (DigiMedia/DeCA) and the Pedagogical Office.

The Kickoff Meeting (TPM) and the 1st Learning/Teaching/Training Activity (LTTA) will take place from 25 to 29 November 2019.