The 1st Seminar of Students in Digital Technologies and Health/Wellbeing took place on 24th January at the Department of Communication and Art of the University of Aveiro. EhSemi aimed to be a discussion forum for students who are developing research projects related to innovative digital media-based solutions, capable of improving health, wellbeing and people’s quality of life. This seminar is an initiative of the E-health & Wellbeing group of the DigiMedia Research Center and Ana Margarida Almeida, the coordinator of the Research Group, was the Chair of the event.

The keynote speaker for the seminar was Jose Colucci, professor at the Design Institute for Health of the University of Texas / Austin, who also organized the two-days’ workshop on “Design for Health” (22nd and 23rd January). In this workshop the participants had the chance to see how Health represents one of the ultimate boundaries of Design and an excellent opportunity to apply its principles. To do this, they not only gained the understanding and practical experience in the basic methods and mental postures of design through some examples that have already been used to solve some of the most complex health problems, but also moved forward into ideas and prototypes.

Besides the Keynote Talk by Jose Colucci “Atenção primária à saúde: eHealth e humanização da tecnologia”, the programme of the seminar included 18 presentations by students. Several DigiMedia PhD students presented their research work in this seminar:

– Virgínia Chalegre – Avaliação de aplicações para a qualificação e empregabilidade de pessoas com deficiência

– Lersi Duran – Literacia Digital em Depressão junto de Estudantes Universitários: desenho metodológico de avaliação

– Eliza Oliveira – As agressões online e o impacto no desempenho ocupacional dos estudantes: reflexão sob o olhar da terapia ocupacional

– Carla V. Leite – e-Health for Childbirth Literacy in Portugal: An Analysis of Resources from SNS

– Jailma Bulhões – Iterative aspects of designing a gamified storytelling tool to Brazilian students with dyslexia

– Daniel Carvalho – Os Seniores e os serviços iTV: Identificação de Tipologias de interação