Call for Research Dossiers or Thematic Number

Journal of Digital Media & Interaction

ISSN 2184-3120

The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction is an open access, international peer-reviewed research journal, published by DigiMediaUniversity of Aveiro.

JDMI  is calling for Research Dossiers, meaning, calls to publish a collaborative and comprehensive series of essays (between 4 and 8 articles, 4,000 to 7,000 words each) under a shared theme, for example: a specific theoretical or methodological approach; a technological advancement; a historical design analysis; a specific conference or festival, etc.

Dossiers/Thematic number should aim to make a clearly defined intervention within the rubric of the overall theme and will usually have a curated aspect that is explicitly discussed in a critical introduction.

If you wish to submit a dossier to JDMI, follow the guidelines below, and submit your proposal, to our e-mail: (cc; )

Research Dossiers Guidelines
Journal of Digital Media & Interaction invites senior researchers to present research dossiers, following the below rules:

1 – At least one of the coordinators must have a PhD and work widely published. Also, they can’t be more than three.

2 – Dossier/Thematic number coordinators submit proposal to (cc; ) of one to two pages, explaining the domain and focus, as the objectives and expected types of papers.

3 – After approval by the journal editors, coordinators can publish a Call for the Dossier, and the Journal will also publish a general public call for the number in which the dossier will be published.

4 – The process of submission and peer-review, is done by the journal, and follows all internal steps, e.g. double blind refereeing procedures.

5 – The coordinators will then use the results of the peer-review to do the final selection of papers to appear in the Dossier/Thematic number, which passes through a discussion with the journal editors. The articles not accepted in the Dossier/Thematic number, if complying with editorial guidelines and accepted by the scientific peers can be published outside of the dossier/Thematic number, depending on Editors decision.

6 – The coordinator can’t have more than one paper in the dossier.

7 – The coordinator writes a critical introduction to the dossier, which is published with the dossier.

8 – Situations omitted in this guide will be decided by the Editors.

More information for authors: Authors | Journal of Digital Media & Interaction (