Journal for Communication Studies

Call for Papers for volume 15, nº1(29)/2022:

Information and Communication Technologies’ Role in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies is the only French journal in communication sciences to promote in French and English language original contributions in the field of social, cultural, symbolic or economic communication.

This special edition is seeking contributions in English or French, either empirical or theoretical, considering the role, function and purpose of the information and communication technologies in contributing for the preservation of cultural heritage.

In doing so, contributors are invited to consider (but not limited to) the following goals:
1) contribute to the reflection around cultural heritage;
2) contribute to the reflection on the interaction between communication systems and cultural heritage;
3) analyze the role of individuals in preserving cultural heritage;
4) understand how individuals, as guarantors of the communication systems development, relate to cultural heritage.

The importance of a special issue in this topic is perceived as the way in which the various possible perspectives (cultural, technological, sociological, psychological, political, among others) can be found in the same and only document. This will be a space where several relevant authors from the fields, with common interests, will be able to contribute to something as important for Humanity, as is the cultural heritage.

Guest editors:

Ana MELRO, University of Aveiro, PORTUGAL

Lídia OLIVEIRA, University of Aveiro, PORTUGAL

Ana Carla AMARO, University of Aveiro, PORTUGAL

Important dates:

–      May 30, 2021: submission of the proposal in the form of an extended abstract of maximum 2 pages. The proposal must include a list of recent references and 5 keywords.

–      June 20, 2021: acceptance of the proposal.

–      November 1st, 2021: full paper submission.

–      February 10, 2022: reviewer’s comments to be communicated to authors.

–      April 30, 2022: submission of paper with final revisions (after revisions).

–      July 2022: journal publication.

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