Sofia Nunes is a PhD student at DigiMedia where, under the supervision of Professor Maria João Antunes, she is studying the way aging is represented in animated films and the way these representations influence children. This thesis theme aims to contribute to the transformation of the aging paradigm, so that all people can live happier, without stereotypes and prejudices.


To put this transformation into practice, Sofia embraced the Interage project with her colleague, Ângelo Valente. Recently, they carried out the project “Abraços com História” that intends to bring the most anticipated hugs to all elderly people who, for over a year, have been deprived of one of the most important gestures, the hug of their loved ones. Not only because they are at a higher risk of developing more severe symptoms of COVID-19 disease, but also because their routines are completely transformed, the residents of nursing homes are the people who most feel the impact of this pandemic. In this sense, Interage provides, with complete security and through a transparent platform with plastic sleeves, hugs between residents and their families. An action that had the support of SIC and that has travelled the country from north to south, having already involved more than 500 elderly people and more than 1000 hugs between seniors, family and professionals.