Inserted in the European Green Week, the GreenWeek @UA is a Europe-wide event where works carried out at the UA that seek, through new approaches, to alert young students to the importance of sustainability, were presented.

DigiMedia participated in GreenWeek @UA, with two communications:

– “Gamers4Nature: promoting environmental awareness and reconnection with nature through the creation of digital games Gamers4Nature (” presented by the researchers Pedro Beça and Mónica Aresta. The communication, which took place in Webinar format, focused on the presentation of the G4N Toolkit to Game Design and discussion of the main results of the project.

 – “Saúde, bem-estar e sustentabilidade nas Instituições do Ensino Superior: o caso e.cuidHaMUs”, involving the researcher Pedro Beça within the project e.cuidHaMUs.