The Research Summit 2021 was held on July 7-9, under the theme “ Art, Science and Innovation in times of trouble”.

All PhD students were invited to present a pitch on their research project. In this edition of the Research Summit, two DigiMedia PhD students won the Best Pitches Award (1 award per doctoral program):

PhD Programme: Multimedia in Education
Ana Carvalho – Peer learning and its impact on peer teacher students’ academic performance – proposal of a procedure model. Supervision by Carlos Santos.

PhD Programme: Information and Communication in Digital Platforms
Inês Santos Moura – Participatory methodologies in the creation of a Web documentary with the community of Bairro Herculano. Supervision by Vania Baldi.

According to the Organizing Committee of the event, there were around 700 presentations in 2 days and more than 2100 classifications were submitted by the jury members, with some doctoral programs engaging more than 6 jury members for rating each of the presentations. As of the quality of the presentations, for a total of 22 points possible, the average of the rating of the pitches was 16, showing good quality and rigor from both the presenters and the jury members. The global average for the presentation was 4.9/7, the scientific merit 3.82/5, the potential impact 3.79/5 and the achieved impact 3.46/5.