The article “ICT tools’ contributions in a technology-enhanced peer learning program involving EFL learners” by Ana Raquel Carvalho (DigiMedia PhD Student) and Carlos Santos (DigiMedia Researcher) was presented in the conference IEEE 21st International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2021) (July, 12 – 15).


English as a foreign language (EFL) instruction strongly benefits from the authenticity, immediacy, and innovativeness brought by technology-enhanced learning (TELL) to more traditional educational settings. TELL promotion of peer interaction, collaboration and relationship building also facilitates the incorporation of innovative instructional methods within the scope of peer learning, with potential to foster learners’ language and soft skills. However, excessive use of TELL from a teacher-centred perspective is still an issue, demanding reflection on the pedagogical potential and purpose of technology-assisted language learning. Within the framework of Educational Design Research, this study reports findings from the implementation of a technology-enhanced peer learning program involving EFL upper and lower secondary students from three Portuguese basic and secondary schools. It aims at finding evidence of ICT tools’ contributions for the promotion of criteria “practicality” and “effectiveness” of the developed educational solution through teachers, peer teacher students, and peer learners’ perceptions. Data were collected by means of surveys and analysed with the support of descriptive statistics and content analysis. Findings suggest ICT tools’ effective role in promoting the criteria under analysis, despite the technical and logistical problems identified.

Keywords: Technology-enhanced language learning; peer learning; upper and lower secondary education; Educational Design Research; mixed methods.

ICALT 2021 Conference Proceedings’ Table of Content and Preface available HERE

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