The article “Learning about the customer for improving customer retention: proposal of an analytical framework” by Dora Simões (DigiMedia Researcher) and Joana Nogueira (University of Aveiro) was published in the journal “Journal of Marketing Analytics”.

Abstract: The market faces new challenges in retaining customers, since they have very high expectations, which translate into the demand for a swift response and intransigence to empty promises on the part of brands. These requirements result from the ability to disseminate and infuse information, which in turn makes customers more informed, more participative, and more uncompromising. This change in behavior implies redesigning the strategic management of the brands, in terms of the relationship with the customer. In view of this challenge, the relevance of developing an adequate differentiation model for customer retention prevails. Based on this premise, this paper presents a proposal based on RFM and ABC analytical methods applied to customer relationship management and contextualized in a particular case of the printing industry. The proposed model defines a set of metrics aimed at customer segmentation, which improves the customers knowledge. The outcomes will allow to define more assertive marketing strategies for customer loyalty and to increase the volume of a brand’s revenue.


Simões, D., Nogueira, J. Learning about the customer for improving customer retention proposal of an analytical framework. J Market Anal (2021).

Article available HERE.