Journal of Digital Media & Interaction

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The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction is an open access, international peer-reviewed research journal, published by DigiMediaUniversity of Aveiro.

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Journal of Digital Media & Interaction, Vol.4, No.10, is now available.


For this issue we’ve assembled a set of six articles and one book review, dealing with the central role of mediation in the dynamics of use and consumption of digital media: the role of algorithms and human curation; the design of a platform focused on grief; the museology of the self in digital platforms; the dissemination of false information on the web and the role of traditional journalism in mediating access to certified information within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil; and the role of extended reality technologies in the educational processes.

The Role of Human Curation at the Age of Algorithms
Pekka Kallioniemi

Da ferramenta ao intelecto algorítmico: sobreviver entre dilemas digitais
Pedro Rodrigues Costa

Egomuseu: Autores/Artistas Ativistas no Instagram
Claudio Xavier & Laís Ramires de Souza

Como Vivenciar o Luto Online? Uma Comparação de Memoriais Web Para Apoiar o Designer
Bruno Santana da Silva & Manoel Lucas de Souza Silva

Networked Individuals and Covid-19 Emergence: Communication Challenges in Pandemic Times in Brazil
Cláudia Maria Arantes de Assis, Fabiana Grieco C. Mello Vetritti, Rafael Vergili

Utilização das Tecnologias Extended Reality pelos Professores do Ensino Básico e Secundário em Portugal
Bárbara Cleto, Maria Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho


Problemas da produção de conhecimento: “The Frontiers of Knowledge. What We Know about Science, History and the Mind – and How We Know It” (2021) de A. C. Grayling
Nelson Zagalo