The article “The Heritage and Identity of the Pmate Project: Critical Factors for the Redesign” by Catarina Ramos, Ana Margarida Almeida (DigiMedia member) and  Gonçalo Gomes was published in Advances in Design and Digital Communication IIProceedings of the 5th International Conference on Design and Digital Communication, DIGICOM 2021, November 4–6, 2021, Barcelos, Portugal.


This study aims to analyse, describe and reflect on how Mathematics and Teaching Project (Pmate) history can influence the most relevant creative decisions when restructuring and redesigning it. Pmate is a 32-year-old research project based on an online platform created and coordinated by a team from the University of Aveiro. Its mission is to achieve academic success and promote scientific culture through the development of content and its application by technologies. In this article, relevant moments of Pmate’s history and the evolution of its identity are identified, defined and discussed through the collection of information, specifically through interviews with people involved in the project during its implementation and the analysis of graphic documentation produced. The result is the outline of the relevant critical factors guiding the new updated Pmate’s brand and service.


Ramos C., Almeida A.M., Gomes G. (2022) The Heritage and Identity of the Pmate Project: Critical Factors for the Redesign. In: Martins N., Brandão D. (eds) Advances in Design and Digital Communication II. DIGICOM 2021. Springer Series in Design and Innovation, vol 19, pp. 665-676. Springer, Cham.

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