Liliana Gonçalves’s online PhD defense takes place on the 2nd December, at 09:30 a.m., with the topic SHARING KNOWLEDGE THROUGH DIGITAL PLATFORMS: The wildfires case | A PARTILHA DE CONHECIMENTO ATRAVÉS DAS PLATAFORMAS DIGITAIS: O caso dos Incêndios Rurais.

Liliana Gonçalves is a student of the PhD programme in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms and her supervisor is Lídia Oliveira (DigiMedia, UA)

DigiMedia members are invited to  participate in this important moment.



This investigation focuses on the potential to share and co-create knowledge in digital contexts to foster literacy on wildfires, specifically concerning prevention. The case studies that embody this thesis include the Central Region of Portugal and the municipalities of Pedrogão Grande, and São Pedro do Sul. Using a mixed methodology, by combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, the investigation draws a holistic scenario on the infocommunicational context of wildfires in Portugal, particularly in the Central Region. From here, the Hive Model is outlined, a digital communication model that facilitates the knowledge flow between different actors in the context of wildfires. This model is based on the main trends evidenced in state of the art and on the needs and desires of local communities, local and regional stakeholders, and the scientific community. As the natural hives composed of a net of combs, the Hive Model integrates multiple characteristics, understood as Fire Awareness Valorization Opportunities. Those features are adaptable to real contexts and designed to incorporate a digital platform specifically to share and co-create knowledge on wildfire prevention, where all actors play an active role.


Comunicação de Ciência, Plataformas Digitais, Incêndios Rurais, Partilha de Conhecimento, Cocriação de Conhecimento, Modelo Colmeia, Plataforma FAVO

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