Research in Digital Media and Interaction to understand affordances and impacts

Media Convergence and Cyberculture is an area that arises in social sciences and humanities.  Studies and research are focued on the following topics: cognitive experience, political participation, emotional engagement, citizenship practices, familial inter-generational relationships, dialectic between software culture and social shaping of technology, intersections between different media systems, relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences in digital age.

In this field of study several publications have been presented (including books and journals’ special issues) and young researchers supervised (Master and PhD Degrees) concerning conceptualization, development and evaluation of new specific mediated contexts and interaction services, knowledge design co-produced in hyper-mediated spaces, city-telling through transmedia languages, the role of media consumption in news generation and emergence of a European consciousness. All of this regarding a transdisciplinary approach in new context of digital humanities.