Throughout the years, members of DigiMedia (belonging to the New Media and Digital Entertainment area) have accumulated a strong background in the convergent field of Interactive TV and social networks, through a transdisciplinary approach covering: the study of the new television ecosystem; the integration of social features in this ecosystem; cross platform solutions (e.g. second screens); and the conceptualization, development and evaluation (in lab and field trials) of the usability and user experience of new services and applications to specific contexts and/or users.

In the field of eHealth, we focus on how ICT (TV-set, 2nd screen devices or personal computers) can help users with special needs and elderly in their daily life. To name only a few, projects like iNeighbourTV, MEO AD+, and SEDUCE are three examples where prototypes have been developed.

In the field of content production for new media, where interactivity, cross media and transmedia approaches have been studied, implemented and tested, the Group has attracted the creativity of young researchers of the Master in Multimedia Communication and the Doctoral Program on Information and Communication in Digital Platforms. MyChannel and Crossed TV Games are examples of two projects in the area.