Diogo Carvalho holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in New Communication Technologies, both from the University of Aveiro.
He is currently a PhD Student in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms (ICPD) at the Universities of Porto and Aveiro, in which he studies how to enhance access to maritime data, in outdoor scenarios (Situational Visual Impairments), by developing a maritime sharing data system to anticipate and aid coastal and inland navigation in dangerous situations.
He was part of the SisMar project, which aims to develop a system to support the risk analysis of sea operations, and the TRUE project, which promotes writing news in a classroom, using tools that allow to evaluate the veracity of the newspaper published and contextualize new contents.
His interests are technology development, User-interface and User-AI design, User eXperience research, maritime scenarios, decision-making and crisis technological systems and systems, Internet of Things and User-Generated Content.

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