Joaquim Santos received his PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms from the University of Aveiro (2023) with the theme “Semi-Autonomous And Secure Tangible Media Interfaces: Framework And Prototype For Home Use By Children With Speech Sound Disorders”. Graduated in 2009 in New Communication Technologies and went on to do a Post-Graduation in Digital Effects (Bournemouth University, UK – 2011) having worked in Digital Effects in Cinema (Gravity, Lincoln, 47 Ronin). In 2018 obtained a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Communication, Interactive Multimedia branch (University of Aveiro).

His main areas of research are Tangible User Interfaces, Human-Computer Interaction and the Internet of Things applied to the at-home environment, with a preferred focus on children with speech sound disorders, and is currently looking into AI and how to apply it in the mentioned scenarios.

Other interests are Gamification and reward systems applied to everyday necessities; User Experience; Open Source movement (Software, Hardware, Culture); Technology and its ubiquity; Security in Wireless Communications.

Joaquim Santos is a Collaborator at DigiMedia and at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, pólo de Aveiro, in the group Mobile Systems – AV.

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