PhD student in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms by the University of Porto and University of Aveiro, Master in Information Science by the Post-Graduation Program in Information Science of the Federal University of Bahia (PPGCI / UFBA) and Bachelor in Archivology by UFBA. He is an Archivist at the Federal University of Bahia (2009-). Interested in the following subjects in Information Science and Archivology: archival institutions and appropriation of social media, e-government, infrastructure and information services, social web, digital preservation, representation and information retrieval systems.  He is the editor of the Archivist’s Portal ( Member of the Study Group on Digital Culture, Representation and Information (CRIDI, UFBA, CNPq, since 2005). He has knowledge in Web Development in technologies such as PHP (with and without frameworks), MySQL and Javascript, as well as knowledge about network environments and digital platforms for organizing and retrieving archival and related information.