Rosinete Ferreira

Associate Professor I at the Federal University of Maranhão. Professor at the Social Communication Course – Radio and Television at the same institution. Coordinator of the Radio Laboratory (2013/current). PhD in Social Psychology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ. Master in Social Communication from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UERJ. Specialist in Communication Theory at the University of Ceará – UFC. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication from the Federal University of Maranhão. Researcher and Coordinator of the Center for Studies and Strategies in Communication – NEEC. Leader of the Audiovisual Strategies in Communication – GPEAC line. Guest researcher at the Science, Health, Gender and Sentiment group CISGES/UNISA/CNPq. Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Social Psychology at UFMA. Post PhD at the University of Aveiro-Portugal. I am interested in communicational and psychosocial phenomena that involve themes permeated by audiovisual, social networks and digital platforms, communication and culture, communication, education, subjectivities, communication and gender, communication and health.

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