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DigiMedia (Digital Media and Interaction Research Centre) presents the DigiMedia Dialogs, an internal event that aims to provide a better integration, promote the connection, facilitate networking and stimulate knowledge transfer and discussion between DigiMedia members in an informal environment.

DigiMedia Dialogs will be monthly online dialogs between DigiMedia researchers and postgraduate students, in the form of Round Tables about one scientific topic. Researchers can bring their own projects and expertise to the table and discuss their perspectives. There will be time for short talks by the invited members, followed by discussion.

The sessions will be online and the link will be shared with all and only DigiMedia members.

These Dialogs take place in the 2nd Friday of the month, from 2 to 3pm. In this page you can find the calendar.

There is no need for registration, because the link will be shared with all DigiMedia members.



DigiMedia Dialogs #6
June 13 @ 2pm-3pm
Immersive Web Environments in Education
Speakers: Maria Ferreira, Bárbara Cleto, Michelina Occhioni

In this session we will talk about Immersive Web Environments, the “tools” we are using, how we can use them in an educational setting and figuring out if they work and how they work in envolving students in school activities. We will also talk about the collaboration between three PhD students, an Italian Doctoral student and three undergraduate students to see this research through.

The phD of Michelina Occhioni at the University of Camerino aims to explore the potential of virtual worlds for educational purposes, in particular for sustainability topics (georesources and circular economy, energy, waste management and urban sustainability). Different platforms were used (Opensim, Minecraft, FrameVR) using two main approaches: Gamification and Inquiry based learning. In the first approach students follow structured paths developed by the teacher, in IBL students, accessing to the platforms as avatars, build and entire projects starting from scratch, under the supervision of the teacher.



DigiMedia Dialogs #5
December 15 @ 2pm-3pm
Students@DigiMedia: what we need to know about it
Speakers: All the team involved – both the researchers and the students

In this session, we will get to know how the Students@DigiMedia challenge was born, why we should be involved in it, which tasks were carried out in the scope of the pilot edition #00 and what are the major outcomes of this initiative. Additionally, the team will explain how the the proposals for edition #01 should be prepared. The session will be hosted by the entire team that participated in the pilot (professors, researchers and students from various cycles).


DigiMedia Dialogs #4
November 17 @ 2pm-3pm
Extra cold DigiMedia – How to break the ice in Antarctica?
Speakers: Catarina Lelis, Hélder Caixinha and Pedro Cardoso

Creativity is what brings them together. Catarina, Hélder and Pedro are the most recent members to be integrated into DigiMedia, so we challenged them to lead the next session of DigiMedia Dialogs. By looking at the title, it will be at least  unexpected. How are they turning it into a scientific discussion on Communication Sciences and Technologies? We are waiting for you on Wednesday to find out.


DigiMedia Dialogs #3
July 9@2pm-3pm
Research in times of platformization: opportunities and methodological challenges in the analysis of digital sharing economy services.
Speakers: Raissa Sales, Vania Baldi and Lídia Oliveira

The creation and development of digital platforms dedicated to the sharing economy have generated discussions about some economic implications in the markets where it operates and social implications within the scope of its users’ experiences. In addition to the existence of a great diversity of digital services for the sharing of goods and services, the platformization of social experience opens the way to a new set of research practices. In fact, if the functioning of some platforms can limit researchers’ knowledge about intermediation phenomena, at the same time, the researcher’s skill can make some of their functionalities profitable by combining opportune methods and techniques.


DigiMedia Dialogs #2
June 11@2pm-3pm
Bridging interaction and interfaces between the physical and the digital world
Speakers: Joaquim Santos, Rui Raposo, Silvino Martins (Mod. Mário Vairinhos)

In a world where interaction with digital devices is inevitable, interaction paradigms have led us in various directions but, in most cases, have seen little change since the 1980´s. What happens when we go beyond mediation through the, widely known, windows, icons, menus and pointing devices and bring the interaction with digital interfaces closer to our actions and behaviour in the physical world?

This talk will hopefully challenge and enable us to put into perspective various studies with different views on how extended reality has helped bridge the digital and physical realm and how it has found its way into specific use cases such as learning and therapeutic contexts.


DigiMedia Dialogs #1
May 14@2pm-3pm
Image as a strategy for eHealth
Speakers: Pâmela Pinto, Lersi Duran, Ceci Diehl (Mod. Rita Oliveira)

Image assumes a central role as a visual communication strategy in the area of eHealth, being also considered a primary vehicle of communication in public health, support for personal health monitoring and promotion of well-being and quality of life. Its potential impact and applicability in different digital solutions in these different areas open space for this first edition of DigiMedia Dialogs in which the centrality of image as an eHealth strategy will be discussed. The discussion will also allow the contextualization of three studies with different perspectives of the use of image as a tool for health promotion and education of youth, adults and seniors.


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