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Research Groups

Group Coordinator: Lídia Oliveira

This group is responsible for the coordination and dynamization of the  Digital Media Observatory, focusing on the uses of digital technologies in multiple daily activities, therefore understanding new media audiences and usages. Research focus on the following topics: cognitive experience, emotional engagement, citizenship practices, familial intergenerational relationships, dialectic between software culture and social shaping of technology, intersections between different media systems, screen culture, screen time and paradoxes of contemporary society.

Group Coordinator: Jorge Ferraz de Abreu

Social iTV group develops its activities in the field of Interactive TV and content. Focus: study of the new television ecosystem, including the integration of social features in that ecosystem, the development of cross platform solutions and the conceptualization, development and evaluation of the usability and user experience of services.

Group Coordinator: Mário Vairinhos

This group aims at developing research based on digital technologies, physical computing and other emerging technologies (such as IoT), applied in different human-centric interaction contexts. The outcome will enable an iterative review, assessment, redesign, development and experimental probing of multiple UX Mediascapes at a device, user and usage level.

Group Coordinator: Ana Margarida Almeida

This group aims at developing research leading to innovative digital media solutions to improve health, wellbeing, quality-of-life, accessibility and active ageing, acknowledging the role of digital inclusion and the diversity of populations and health conditions that frame this area/topic.

Group Coordinator: Luís Pedro

This group works towards the consolidation of an interdisciplinary vision for the development and validation of innovative social media tools and practices aiming at enhancing people’s communication and interaction in knowledge building on formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts.

Group Coordinator: Nelson Zagalo

The group intends to develop research in digital games and storytelling to develop new user experiences and improve user engagement; furthermore it intends to explore innovative and creative transmedia approaches, to enhance games, narratives and gamified applications.