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DigiMedia (Digital Media and Interaction Research Centre) presents the Media Innovation Circle, an opportunity to explore the digital media landscapes.

The Circle consists of a series of scientific moments for discussion on new approaches, practices, methods, and techniques supporting media innovation. It will be a monthly cycle of online conversations with national and international experts doing research on digital media and interaction, which may take the form of keynote talks, seminars or workshops. There will be time for a short talk by the invited guest, followed by discussion and Q+A.

The sessions will be online and the link will be shared with the registered participants.

The Circle takes place every last Friday of the month, from 2 to 3pm (Lisbon Time). In this page you can find the calendar.

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Media Innovation Circle #21
December 13 @15:00pm (Lisbon Time)
Good practices in public health in Instagram: Comparative study between Portugal and Brazil
Speaker: Pâmela Pinto, University of Aveiro (PT)
Moderation: Maria João Antunes, University of Aveiro (PT)
Zoom link:

Pâmela Araujo Pinto got her graduation in Journalism at the Universidade Federal do Maranhão (2007), and her Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Communication, in Universidade Federal Fluminense (2010 and 2015). She also works as a journalist for the Ministery of Health, in Brazil (2012 – until now). Currently, she conducts her Post-Doctoral research at the Department of Communication and Art (University of Aveiro). Her research interests are related to ‘communication and public health’, ‘institutional communication and social media’, with emphasis on Instagram.


The main message of the book is to value the citizen as the center of the communication produced on health, anchored in the public interest and in the quest to broaden social participation. The guide has put together four axes of suggestions for producing content: on the approach – based on scientific knowledge and accessibility; on the use of images, with an emphasis on infographics; on the clarity of texts and on the importance of interaction with citizens and influencers. Strategies for planning and monitoring profiles are also presented. The research provided a critical reflection on health consumption on Instagram, a private platform based on commercial interests.



Ângela Espinha
Hélder Caixinha
Nelson Zagalo
Pedro Cardoso
Rita Oliveira

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