Media Innovation Circle #14
[Event organised in articulation with the Master in Digital Games Development (MDJD)]

October 26 @2pm-3pm (Lisbon Time)
Jogos Digitais, Sa├║de Digital e Criatividade
Speaker: Cristiano Max Pinheiro & Marta Rosecler Bez, University of Feevale, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
Moderation: Nelson Zagalo, University of Aveiro
On-site: Room 40.1.8 – DeCA, University of Aveiro

Cristiano Max is graduated in Advertising, Master in Social Communication and Doctor in Social Communication, with the thesis “Notes for an approach between digital games and communication”. He was Coordinator of the Courses of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising (2007-2014) and founded the Undergraduate Course in Digital Games at Feevale University. He was partner and founder of “Engenho de Ideias” Advertising Agency and Ludema Game Studio developer. He is currently Coordinator of the Master in Creative Industry at FEEVALE University in Novo Hamburgo/RS, is Coordinator of the Laboratory of Creativity and founder of the Ibero-American Interdisciplinary Research Network in Creative Economy. He represents the University in the work groups of the Secretariat of Culture, and in the Secretariat of Innovation of the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Marta Rosecler Bez has a PhD in Computer Science in Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2013) with the thesis “Model for the use of technological tools in the teaching of Medicine”. Master in Computer Science from PUC-RS (2001). She is a professor at Feevale University in the courses of Informatics, Medicine and in the Professional Master in Creative Industry. She has experience in teaching health permeated by technologies, working mainly on the following topics: technologies in education, simulators, digital games and technology in health. He is a fellow of Productive Desen. Tec. and Innovative Extension of CNPq – Level 2 with the project New technologies applied to education in health and Virtual Reality in health. She works in research and technological development projects in partnership with health organizations, such as clinics and hospitals. She is a mentor in initiatives that promote entrepreneurship in the Technological Park of Feevale University, advising the development of startups. She participates in the Creative Industry Research Group in the research line Creative Content, where she works on projects involving teaching methodologies, digital games and recently in the area of Public Policy.


Cristiano Max presents the games sector in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, bringing the current cluster project that aims the economic and social strengthening, through actions that stimulate the generation of intellectual capital in the sector, the value chain, the competitive capacity and innovation of companies and actors involved in the ecosystem, aligned with the Strategic Planning of the Sector for 2030 developed in the GAMERS program of RS.
Marta Bez presents initiatives for the development and use of Virtual Reality in Physiotherapy. Games were developed by an interdisciplinary team where the active participation of a physiotherapist allowed the development of a fully parameterizable game environment for trunk control exercises for wheelchair users. In a new initiative, a hardware and game environment for respiratory physiotherapy exercises for children in the Intensive Care Unit is being developed. The game interface will be controlled by the child’s breath.