Media Innovation Circle #17
March 3 @2pm-3pm (Lisbon Time)
Art and Computation
Speaker: Miguel Carvalhais, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto – Portugal
Moderation: Pedro Cardoso, University of Aveiro
Onsite: Auditório CCCI – Department of Communication and Art

Miguel Carvalhais studies creative practices with computational systems, how these are read, and how procedural discovery and interpretation are paramount for the creation of meaning and the aesthetic experience. His artistic practice spans computer music, sound art, live performance, audiovisuals, and sound installations. He is an associate professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and runs the Crónica label for experimental music and sound art, and the xCoAx conference (on computation, communication, aesthetics and x). He’s the author of “Art and Computation” (2022) and “Artificial Aesthetics: Creative Practices in Computational Art and Design” (2016).


How is art transformed by computation? How do computational technologies become the medium and the essence for artworks? How does computation involve us in aesthetic relationships that make us become part of the works and of their processes? This talk will focus on computation, the aesthetic relationships that we develop with it, the computational gaze that drives them, and the processes of reading and structural coupling that allow us to discover the auratic and irreducible traits of computational art. It will also explore how computation transforms and dematerialises art, making it autonomous from objects and allowing us to experience a computational sublime.