Media Innovation Circle #7
December 17 @2pm-3pm (Lisbon Time)
Thinking / Creating / Rethinking / Recreating – Computers and the Arts
Speaker: Mario Verdicchio, School of Engineering – University of Bergamo, Italy
Moderation: Pedro Cardoso, University of Aveiro

Mario Verdicchio is a researcher at the School of Engineering at the University of Bergamo in Italy and a member of the Berlin Ethics Lab at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany. He is the co-founder of the xCoAx international conference series on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X. He has written mostly about Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and has been a Sunday artist for some years.


Computer Art has now made amazing strides in comparison with its beginnings of the 1950s, at least from a technological point of view.
Such evolution must have also guaranteed a transformation in the creative processes in the arts, but whether such change has led to answers to the long-standing questions on creativity, authorship and the meaning of art remains to be seen. Actually, the more in-depth one goes in thinking of Information Technology and its impacts on society in general, the more doubts seem to emerge on the role it plays within artistic and cultural contexts. This talk takes a critical view on technological enhancements with the goal of shedding light on what it means to use computers for artistic purposes.