Media Innovation Circle #9
February 25 @2pm-3pm (Lisbon Time)
Empathic experiential design with playful and gameful inspirations
Speaker: Sylvester Arnab, Coventry University, UK
Moderation: Ana Veloso, University of Aveiro

Sylvester Arnab is a Professor of Games Science at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and an associate of the Centre for Post-digital Cultures at Coventry University, UK. His research focuses on the investigation into engaging, empathic, and empowering experiences through the lens of playful and gameful design practices. Sylvester is a co-founder of multi-award winning GameChangers initiative, which has been adapted in Malaysia and is currently being expanded into Vietnam and Indonesia towards responding to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Sylvester has published a book on ‘Game Science in Hybrid Learning Spaces’, which provides insights into the research and practice of purposeful game design with a focus on hybrid education. For more information click here.


Our relationships with experiential artefacts such as games are evolving, where games and gameplay are becoming more pervasive in our daily lives. As serious outcomes are achieved through game-based experiences, it is essential to ensure a more empathic approach that would be co-creative and participatory towards onboarding practitioners into the design process. This talk draws from existing research, development, and practice under the multi-award winning GameChangers initiative that focuses on the onboarding of educators into the co-creation of playful and gameful experiences for achieving purposeful outcomes.